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FISH Garden of Hope (Past Event)

Date & Time:

September 16th, 2023, from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM


Step into an enchanting evening in the ‘Garden of Hope’ at the esteemed Minnewawa Estate for the FISH Gala 2023. We aim to combat a pressing issue that demands our collective attention – Human Trafficking. With local incidents on the rise and a dire need for increased awareness, we’ve decided to support Breaking the Chains at FISH GALA 2023.

Breaking the Chains provides hope, healing, and restoration to lives impacted by Human Trafficking, and your participation can significantly contribute to a safer community. 

Join us in bringing transformative change, lending a voice to the silenced, and pledging to combat human trafficking. Together, let’s take a bold step toward a better world!

FISH is a volunteer-run operation.


FISH is a component of the Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF), a 501 c-3 non-profit organization (Tax ID#77-0478025). As a result, your contribution may be tax-deductible. All donations made to CVCF with FISH written in the memo will be deposited in CVCF’s FISH fund account.


Checks Payable to:
Central Valley Community Foundation
1260 Fulton Street, Suite 200
Fresno, CA 93721
On the MEMO line of the check, please write Attn: FISH Fund 
Please do not make checks out to FISH!