What is FISH?

FISH (Fund for Indian Subcontinent Heritage) is an initiative started by Americans of South Asian heritage that aims to positively impact California’s Central Valley.

FISH was founded in 2017 and is currently housed under the Central Valley Community Foundation. 

In addition to collaborating with local organizations to bring awareness of social issues, FISH aims to:

  • Encourage South Asians to be more philanthropic.
  • Set a positive example for future generations.
  • Uplift the community as a whole.

Though FISH represents South Asian heritage, it is inclusive and does not discriminate against race, color, national origin, gender, and religion. FISH highly encourages people of different backgrounds to participate in its activities. It is in FISH’s mission to encourage community bonding. 

Do you know of a cause or need at a non-profit organization that you think FISH should consider supporting?

E-mail info@fishfund.org

What difference does it make when I donate to FISH?

By supporting FISH, you are helping more than a non-profit organization. FISH has started a charitable movement in the South Asian community. The benefits of supporting FISH:

  • Build awareness of social issues around us.
  • Identify causes that the South Asian community wants to support collectively, not just individually.
  • Inspire our youth to be involved in social causes.
  • Foster a better understanding of the South Asian community.
  • Build a sense of community and social bond with people from different backgrounds.
  • Help FISH grow and do more good in our community.

FISH is a 100% volunteer-run operation. All donations made to FISH at the Central Valley Community Foundation are put toward philanthropic endeavors that the FISH board members deem worthy.